How to use Facebook for Job search

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I hope you all agree that Facebook is fun and I know, even if you are not an active user you can’t resist yourself from checking Facebook to see your friends updates and shared photos!

Most of you are connected with your coworkers, managers and even their network connections! So why don’t we utilize those connections to search for jobs! There may be employers, recruiters and probably someone who knows of a job opening or is planning to add one more member to their team! There is always somebody in your social network who is searching for a candidate. 

5 ways to use Facebook for your Job search!

Update your profile completely

Recruiters use all social media outlets to search for their candidates. So updating your ‘About me’ space strategically with information on what you do and where you work will help recruiters approach you! You can even use your entire space to copy your resume. That way you can let others know that you are serious about your job search!

Join active groups and network

There are a lot of active groups of recruiters and HR professionals on Facebook. For example: Recruiter DNA, Recruiter NetworkHuman Resources!  Most of them would be sharing their leads there! Connect with the recruiters if you are not connected. Send them a professional message informing why you want to connect with them. They would be happy to know more about you, get you going with the process and inform you on how to proceed further with the job search in their organisation.

Like company pages & Engage

Another smart idea to get noticed by corporate recruiters on Facebook is to ‘Like’ the Facebook pages of your target companies and engage yourself being as an active fan! This will help you to keep yourself informed about the job listings, ask your questions about the job application process and help you keep connected with the recruiters. Keep yourself engaged by liking the photos they post, joining their discussions and contributing ideas. Like you see in the below picture where a candidate engages with PepsiCo recruiters! This will make you stand out and get noticed by the recruiters.

 Use status updates

Let your network know that you are currently searching for job by updating your status. Mention what are you looking for and what is your area of expertise. You never know the reach of your network including your family, friends and friends of friends. It will surprise you seeing the positive vibes & helpful comments coming your way from your network.

Utilize Marketplace & Facebook ads 

Facebook marketplace is a cool site for you to see the local job listings and help you see the person who posted the jobs. Thus connect with the recruiters directly! And if you don’t mind spending a few bucks use Facebook’s advertising facility to make your profile more visible to recruiters and employers.

Get involved in discussions and elevate your presence! Facebook is not just for sharing your photos but it is a great outlet to share your knowledge and expertise by getting involved in discussions, commenting on other’s opinions and contributing your ideas and staying up to date with the latest trends in your industry. This will help increase your visibility and help recruiters reach you.

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