In business who ever tells the best story wins

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When you lead, it is about people and that is what influence is all about. If you are in Sales- It’s about your customer or prospect. If you are a leader- It’s about the people you are leading! In business who ever tells the best story wins! From a branding point it is going to make you more profitable. Says, Ty Bennett

Here is one more article that I wrote from the excerpts of Ty Bennett‘s keynote speech at the 19th Global Best Practices Conference hosted by People Report/Black Box Intelligence.

Here are few points he shared on why storytelling is the key to building your brand. 

Keeps the culture aligned: Businesses don’t take off like a rocket. If you are a leader, you might want to share your stories of where you were, what worked and what didn’t! If you are just sharing success stories alone people won’t know the reality behind how your solution was achieved through struggles…..

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