Candidate Engagement and Talent Attraction Through Videos

Talent attraction thru videos
Job seekers are no different than consumers who would want to take look at a product/service and read through reviews, see demos or try out a product before making a decision to purchase. The more relevant information online for customers to read through, the faster it will help them make a decision. And the same applies to a job seeker. 
The more information a job seeker can access online that provides transparency to the job application and hiring process the better the candidate experience. And videos are game-changers for your talent attraction journey.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video’s worth can be ten-fold and maybe more than that. Employers who incorporated videos in their recruitment and talent attraction efforts were able to better connect with their talent, share authentic storytelling and provide a better candidate experience and build a strong employer brand. 
Join me on my next LinkedIn LIVE where we share insights on Candidate Engagement and Talent Attraction through videos with our guests


Michael Goldberg, Founder & CEO of Hiring Transformed


Fanny Dunagan, SAP Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand Specialist at Delaware, North America

on February 5th, Wednesday 8 am CST, 9 am EST  or 7.30 pm IST


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