Candidate Engagement Through Social Media


One of the objectives of Engagement is letting others know who you are. Then why does it not start with candidates who could be potential employees?  Especially when a candidate evaluates a company on the basis of his experience throughout his recruitment process.

Well, when you get 1000 or more applications for one single job, it would be tough though to respond to each and every applicant. Even if you spend time on this, it becomes a question of what is the return you get out of it. Employers need to decide between minimizing the cost and time involved in this process or focusing on improving the quality and experience of a candidate throughout their job application. Well, this is the new era of Talent Engagement!!

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  2. Nisha Raghavan says:

    From the Google search results, I know,this standard comments(Portuguese)means "This blog is an exact representation of skills. I like your recommendation. A great concept that reflects the thoughts of the writer".

    I don't speak Portuguese. Anyway I took this appreciation. Thank you.

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