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Global HR Muse!

As a person after having worked in Corporate India and then transplanted to United States, I was always eager to know how HR works differently at an international level!  And I hope

DriveThruHR – My Valentine & I am co-hosting!

Yay…! It’s Valentine’s day, a great day to begin, share & cherish your love! I was so glad to see the curious responses from everyone when yesterday I gave you a heads

HR – Get out of your seat and meet your employees

As much as I love writing about my HR experience I also love going through HR blogs I follow to help me learn from experts and mostly to know what’s on top of

Hear me talk at DriveThruHR- Human Resource’s #1 Daily Radio show

Hi everyone, I will be speaking at DriveThru HR– Human Resource’s #1 Daily Radio show on January 24, 2013 12:00 pm CT. Stay tuned! To Listen, Click on this link & use #DTHR hashtag to follow

Christmas Fun Activities at Office

It’s Christmas time and I know most of you would be planning some festivities and employee fun get together at office! We all know that this is one of the most pleasant

Leader’s Talk Ep.3-with Chris Hoyt on Candidate Engagement & Life at PepsiCo

Last Friday I attended the Talent Net Live Fall Conference 2012 at the PepsiCo Frito-Lay headquarters in Plano, TX. And I had an amazing opportunity to meet Chris Hoyt, The Global Talent

Why Reward programs suck! Part II

This is the second part of an ongoing series “Why Rewards aren’t Rewarding“. Click on it to read the part I. Here are some reasons why rewards programs may not always work.

Why rewards aren’t rewarding! – Part I

Companies have invested their time and money to initiate and even revamp their Reward and Recognition programs to reap the maximum productivity and engage their workforce. At times these programs don’t work

5 Rules of Employee Engagement

Come on, an employee doesn’t really care about your struggles to create a fun atmosphere at workplace if the work that he does on a day to day basis is not fascinating

Employee Engagement isn’t all Fun activities

Do you believe Employee Engagement means conducting some fun activities at office? OR Can you engage your employees and make them happy in what they do by organizing fun activities and offering