Why your competitors star performer failed in your organization


Stealing your competitor’s star performer!! Ok!! I get it, I have done that before and chances are that some of you have as well.

Most often HR is pressured by Managers into playing all sorts of dirty games to hire the top talent from the competitors. Sitting with a new hire to get the database of top talent from his previous employer, offering an informal reward to those who refer and bring competitor’s A players and what not!

These managers think of only the easy path while deciding on to bring a rival’s talent –
He knows the industry already – Check
He has proven the competencies required to do the job – Check
He has shown such an outstanding performance – Check
He will hit the ground running without any training – Check

But yet why your competitors star performer fails in your organization! Here it is!

Not having the Support

Chances are that he was getting the right support system at competitor company that helped him shine in his profile. And it is lacking in your organization. Be it access to the resources that are required for him to do his job, having supportive co-workers, having the opportunity to work independently or the freedom to make decisions. It is not just about having the right competencies to do the job that matter but it is also about having the right environment with sufficient support that helps him perform better.

Not with the right Manager

Of course, you hired the right employee with the right skills at the right place. But is he with the right manager?! A wise question to be asked. If the manager in your organization is a snarky micro managing mediocre who takes the credit of the great work of his team members, then there is no point in bringing in any rock star to work with him.

Not a cultural fit

The competitor organization’s culture can outrun yours if their organization values were aligned with their employees personal values and interest. If it was a friendly and upbeat work environment that helped him to put his full self at work and if your organization culture is not encouraging enough for him then it might take a while for him to be productive.

Depends on what stage of growth your organization is in

It can be that your competitor is a better established player than you and their product or services are highly dominant in the market. That would have helped him attain sustainable growth at the competitor organization.

Share your experience of hiring a competitor star performer at your organization!

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  1. Excellent post. Totally resonate! Many years ago, in the pre-internet days as a startup I hired an executive from competition..the leader in our recruitment industry-thinking it would be nirvana. Within a month I realised..he was a misfit..for he came from a comfort level..where thanks to the overwhelming brand-there was an abundance of clients and candidates. He just cdnt get used to the idea..that he had to ‘sell’ at every point -to both clients & candidates..and stretch. For us..every contingent assignment had to be operated as ‘a search engagement’!! We needed a ‘farmer ‘ to be effective …not someone who cd pick the low lying fruit & run to the bank!! ( A la Hertz story..we had to try harder to succeed!!).

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