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Employee Engagement

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Fun At Work

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Bizarre Bazaar

Read how Archon Group (my husband’s company) conducted Bizarre Bazaar last year, a fun way to showcase the talents and skills of employees. As a theme for the event, employees or their family members

Mock Award

These are random and surprise awards that can make an employee feel special. Give away candy and take a picture and blast it through email. E.g. Best Smile, Best dressed person, best curly hair/lengthy

Easy Juggler

Why don’t we give a Juggler of the month title to an employee? Let us see who has better co-ordination skills and this can be a stress busting game as well. Helps

Art Appreciation

There might be a painter, sculptor or one who enjoy doing craft work with things like wires, matchsticks, polythene etc. Let them be given a chance to exhibit their talent and share

Vegetable carving competition

This can be done in simple way by deciding upon a fruit or vegetable that employees need to bring. And have them carved within 15-30 minutes. Or this can be conducted as

Darts Champion

Employees can often find it fun to compete each other and it is so easy for everyone to have a try at this. Do it with pro boards, a commentator and scoreboards.

Office Pets Day /Bring your pet to work

This would be appropriate if you celebrate it on April 11th the National Pet Day but can be done any day you want to. I have seen companies who allow keeping pets

Birthday Bash

Let all birthday babies of a month blow the candles together and lighten up the workplace. This can be done in many ways. You can have a surprise party with a surprise

Potluck Lunch

There is nothing more fun than sharing and serving food that you cooked. Having a potluck lunch at work will promote a family atmosphere and is obviously a low cost way of

Guess Who!!

Can you guess who is the picture above? Hint: he grew up to be one of the biggest leaders in the world. Have employees guess the person in childhood photos of other