Support Staff Day


When everybody leaves work at the end of the day, there is someone being a watch dog at your office. When you are away at lunch there is someone always there taking calls at the reception, and of course that office help who delivers all your important mail. Let’s have a “Support the Staff Day” to appreciate your security, receptionist, office boys and any else you can name.

Video games/Robot Wars
Corporate Spelling Bee

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  1. karthika says:

    Hey……. read your post on monthly employee engagement activities and found all of them interesting and Iam also planning to adapt a few in my organization. lemme knw hw to organize d above “Support staff ” day…… could it be lyk merging 2 events such as “celebrity meet” and any other frm d list ?… if u hve ny special idea do lemme knw.
    thanks a ton for ur blog coz its really helpn me…. :)

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