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LIVE talk with Dr.T.V.Rao at India HR LIVE

I invite you all to watch this special show at India HR LIVE, where we are honored to present words of wisdom from the Founder & Initiator of HRD movement in India,  Dr.

How I made myself resourceful during my career crisis

Well, what you do when you don’t know the meaning of a word! You would google it, won’t you? What if you don’t know how to solve a problem in your life…Yeah,

DriveThruHR – My Valentine & I am co-hosting!

Yay…! It’s Valentine’s day, a great day to begin, share & cherish your love! I was so glad to see the curious responses from everyone when yesterday I gave you a heads

Top 10 HR people you need to follow in Social HR!

Throughout my blogging journey I have met a lot of amazing HR minds & experts and I have contributed my write ups to a few of them as well! And this is

Fear kills your creativity!

Hope you all had a blast this past holiday weekend! I had an awesome time with all sorts of fun activities with bowling, karaoke party, a crazy drive to the Natural Bridge at Virginia

What are you Thankful for?

Today we are celebrating Thanksgiving day with our family here in US! One of the authentic times in the year for family and friends to come together, celebrate with a delicious fun feast and

Keep up your drive to ‘Need More’

You might have read about the blog post that I wrote last week in which I talk about complacency. Very recently I come across with that word again. This time the word

Choose direction over distance

Choose direction over distance! Those were the words of wisdom from Anand Pillai when I asked him what he wants to see young HR professionals do!

Focus on positives and move on!

I had a chat with a few of my friends this Sunday! Having kept in touch with them through Facebook for a while, I was finally happy to meet and spend time with them. I

I become CEO for a day!!

So, how would it be if I, an HR professional, were CEO for a day? What would I be focusing on to improve an organization’s productivity- Employee Engagement or Ability to Recruit?