Why do employees think you are an HR Zombie


Even these days when someone new asks about my profession and when I say I am an HR, (Human Resources) they will go! Awh!! I still don’t understand why HR as a profession always has to be in the hate list of employees and common workforce.

HR as a profession has advanced so much as we think and act always keeping the business in mind. But not being conscious of your employees and failing to treat them as humans can negatively impact the bottom line!

Here are a few thoughts why your employees think you are a Zombie!

You don’t empathize:

The pivotal skills that differentiate a successful HR from others is their power to empathize. Don’t be just a walking dead with no feelings. Adhering to the process and procedures are a must. But empathizing with your employee and understanding what they want from their work and why react the way they do, will help you relate to them, make right decisions, build better relationships and provide them a better work experience at your organization.

You show up only to fire:

Don’t just be the one who shows up or calls only to deliver bitter messages. Meet your employees at least once a while. Get out of your cubicle, reach out to employees and try to know what’s it like to work at every level of your organization. This would bring you closer to employees and help better understand your business as well.

You are still unknown:

When in need of support employees have to go through the Employee Self Service portal where they still don’t get a response in spite of repeated follow-ups. Pick up your phone and talk to those who raised any concerns. Not knowing who you are as a person can make them think of you as the devil who just shows up to create an ambiguous environment. Reach out to your employees, be present when in need and then they will think of you as one among them!

After all it is the relationship that sets you apart from the competition. What ever you do to build and nurture, Whether it is the initiatives, best practices or the work culture at your organization, it will go a long way when you have people who are treated well. It is the people that matter, so be human.

Treat employee’s concerns as customer complaints
Fire those managers who don’t fit

3 Responses to Why do employees think you are an HR Zombie

  1. Great article Nisha, I think another point worth mentioning is communication of intent. Employees often do not understand where HR is coming from, even when it may seem obvious! Clearly communicating why certain actions are being taken, or (often even more importantly) not taken, can really help create a more positive working relationship… I’ll take no credit for this idea, it’s something my dad (an HR vet of 30 years) always stressed when talking about his work.

  2. Wonderful start Nisha, important point is the transparency in our communication , engaging the employees and making them understand the purpose of such communication / facility. This also includes educating them about the consequences and how they can better themselves. What i have seen is if you have a virtual help desk for all the communications you make, there would be easy reciprocation from the employees which will enhance the relationship with them. Any such future communications will receive complete support in achieving the task.

  3. aryanair08 says:

    I wish every HR pro read this article..!

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